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  • CF Thompkins Furniture Company Commercial
  • Labatt's USA Commercial
  • United Way Commercial
  • Shoeless Joe Music Video
  • CD Cover Art
  • Metro Magazine (Portland, ME)
  • 75+ Weddings (with up to 9 people in the 
        bridal party)
  • Donna Cotnoir is a hair and makeup professional that has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. A graduate of Houle's Beauty Academy, Donna specializes in make up, hair, and image consultations for a wide array of clients, ranging from theater, television shows, and commercials to print, theater, fashion events, weddings, and custom makeovers.

    Custom for You Client Sample

    • CCTV Dream Makers Show
    • Cinderella Modeling Agency
    • Currier Art Gallery Fashion Show
      (Manchester, NH)
    • Second Chance (The Learning Channel)
    • Miss New Hampshire Beauty Pageant
    • New England Beauty Pageant
      (Faroux Systems)

    Donna also works as a cosmetologist at Sharie's Hair Design in Manchester, NH doing customized makeup consultations, manicures, pedicures, facials, cuts, perms, colors, and styles. References are available upon request.

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